Governance and Social Action in Sudan after the Peace Agreement of January 2005: local, national, and regional dimensions




  • Building Peace and Social Cohesion

"Governance and Social Action in Sudan after the Peace Agreement of January 2005: local, national, and regional dimensions" is a cooperative research project between scholars from German and African research institutions. It is sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation within the program “Knowledge for Tomorrow: Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa - Political, Economic, and Social Dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa”. BICC has taken over the German partnership for the final project period in 2011.
The project aims to generate knowledge about

  • Social, political, cultural and economic processes in societies after the formal ending of civil war



  • Ways to sustain peace on the basis of implementing a formal peace agreement with economic, political and development-oriented dimensions





  • Reasons and motives for renewed or ongoing conflict





  • Economic, social and political repercussions of ending a long-lasting civil war with regard to the sub-region.

The project started in 2005 and ends in 2012. Northern and Southern Sudanese, Kenyan and Ethiopian young scholars have achieved Masters and doctoral degrees in different subjects within the project. With 15 workshops and conferences and common research activities the academic qualification and capacities of young scholars have been increased and academic exchange, intercultural learning and cooperation have been promoted within the region and internationally. 
Research outputs are intended to be used as policy inputs for forging cooperation between North and South Sudan and neighbouring countries.
The project had two phases during which there were some changes of partners and institutions involved. The first phase was from September 2005 to November 2008 and the second one from February 2009 to September 2012. 
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Former cooperation partners and cooperating institutions (pdf)
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Project Leader

  • PD Dr Elke Grawert


  • Volkswagen Foundation

Duration of project

until 2012