De Facto regimes

This project has examined the sources of survival of de facto regimes. De facto regimes are not frozen conflicts and wanting to stabilise the status quo is an illusion. In 2022, we conducted field research in Armenia, Moldova, and northern Iraq, as well as along the so-called contact line with refugees who had fled Russian-controlled areas or the war zone. We used our networks to document, at least in part, Russia’s occupation policy in the newly conquered territories, i.e., how Russia governs annexed territories.

The exceptional insights we gained from our interviews in Russian-controlled areas enabled us to make valuable contributions to many media outlets in Germany and abroad. The project made a significant contribution to a study commissioned by the German Federal Foreign Office on its policy towards de facto regimes, which includes a review of the achievements and shortcomings of German and the EU peacebuilding efforts to date and policy recommendations for the coming years. 

Project team

Dr Osman Bahadir Dincer

Senior Researcher


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