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This training module is designed for an audience from a post-conflict country or region, or those who intend to work in such contexts. Trainees may consist of future key players in national reintegration programs and/or an audience of international development workers that are going to assist the DDR processes.
Where indicated, parts of this module can also be applied in more stable contexts, such as where the downsizing of the armed forces calls for an organized reintegration process. Trainees should have a general understanding of development issues, and preferably some experience working in a development (but not necessarily conflict-related) context. They should further be intending to, or in the process of working on DDR issues in an area that is familiar to them, or in which they have some background knowledge.
The objective of this module is to:
  • Provide trainees with a sound understanding of the different elements of a general reintegration strategy, the challenges involved and how to address and overcome them.
  • Make trainees aware of important "hidden" aspects of reintegration.
  • Enable trainees to draft the essential points of an adapted strategy for the reintegration of ex-combatants in their country.


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