Inter-ministerial strategic evaluation of Germany’s civilian engagement in Afghanistan

Report for the Federal Ministry of Interior

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Between 2002 and 2021, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland (BMI) deployed German police officers from federal and state governments to Afghanistan as part of the bilateral police project in Afghanistan (GPPT), aiming to establish a civilian Afghan police force. This report focuses on the strategic evaluation of the BMI's engagement in Afghanistan from 2013 to 2021.

The main section of the report, starting from page 25, presents the evaluation results, including the findings and sources upon which they are based. The report underlines the remarkable dedication of participants in the BMI and the police forces, both in Germany and Afghanistan, who went to great lengths, even risking their own safety, to participate in the evaluation, as evident from interviews conducted by the evaluation team.

While acknowledging these efforts, it remains important to note that the collectively agreed political goals, for example of establishing recognised state structures for security and preventing extremism, were not achieved. The Federal Republic of Germany and the BMI nevertheless made substantial efforts within a highly challenging context.

Find the report for the Federal Ministry of Interior here

Find the inter-ministerial report (DEval, DHPol, GFA) here 


Ressortgemeinsame strategische Evaluierung des zivilen Engagements der Bundesregierung in Afghanistan (1.66 MB)
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