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Along with the other modules that comprise the series SALW Basics, this module is intended to provide a basic fundamental understanding of the issue of SALW for trainees who have had little or no previous exposure to the subject. 
We recommend those trainees, who are already familiar with SALW issues, to have a brief look at the key points of this module to familiarize themselves with the working definition for SALW used in all other TRESA modules, and to ensure that all trainees are using the same terminology. We further recommend all trainees to study TRESA Module SALW Basics - Recognizing SALW and Ammunition (SB-R05) for an introduction to different types of weapons. Those trainees who need a more detailed knowledge of SALW types and their components (e.g. participants in preparation for SALW collection and destruction programs) should also read TRESA Module Recognizing SALW and Ammunition (RSA05), which covers this topic in greater depth.


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