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This  training  module  is  intended  for  development  project  planners,  managers, administrators, government officials, NGOs and local organizers. In fact, there are two types of audiences: those familiar with development issues for whom the training is designed to raise awareness and sensitivity of SALW issues; and those familiar with SALW,  particularly  NGO  personnel,  who  are  either  mainstreaming  their  work  with development  programs  or  building  more  development  sensitivity  into  their  SALW projects. The presentation of the module will have to be adapted accordingly. 
Security and development are increasingly recognized as being indivisible. This goes beyond observations that insecurity undermines development programming or that a lack  of  development  can  contribute  to  the  outbreak  of  conflict.  Rather,  the  links between armed violence and development are multifaceted.  This module aims to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills required recognizing the links between SALW, armed violence, and  development.  It also emphasizes the value of tackling SALW/armed violence for development programming and vice versa.


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