SALW control training manual for West Africa: Part1

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The goals of this manual are: 
  •  To provide an overview of the SALW issue and issues specific to West  Africa.
  • To promote action on SALW control in West Africa through the sharing of resources, good practice, case studies and tips from across the sub-region.
  • To provide future trainers with sound background material to engage in training or capacity-building on SALW control.

This manual is intended for a variety of different audiences, most notably Civil Society Organizations (CSO) interested or engaged in issues of SALW control. It is also relevant to members of the security services. While they may share the goal of SALW control, the relationship between CSOs and security services is often difficult. This manual offers suggestions of the types and limitations of cooperation to promote SALW control. It is also useful for decision-makers in West Africa. Often decision-makers, while they subscribe to the idea of SALW control, are not terribly familiar with the details. This manual should help in educating decision-makers about the real and concrete problems of SALW, as well as specifi c potential solutions for West Africa and its people.


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