Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Transfer Controls_Trainer

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This training module is intended for NGO staff, journalists, government officials and parliamentarians who have a general understanding of SALW issues, but who are unfamiliar with the subject of transfer controls and what these regulations entail. In particular, we feel that this module is very useful for training officials and legislators who are considering the issue of transfer controls in their countries. The module in its entirety - especially with the inclusion of the final simulation exercise - should provide these participants with a good understanding of the pros and cons of various transfer control options.
The main objective of this training module is therefore to familiarize trainees with the basic elements and requirements for effective controls over all aspects of SALW transfers. More specifically, this module provides:
  • An understanding of the key elements of transfer controls.
  • An overview of the main issues involved with various elements of transfer controls. General knowledge of the various considerations, criteria and guidelines for assessing and authorizing legal SALW transfers.


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