Management of SALW Weapons and Ammunition Destruction Programs_Trainer

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This training module is intended for program managers or future program managers (PMs) working on SALW (Small Arms and Light Weapons) and/or ammunition destruction issues. The main focus of this module is on the destruction phase of the weapons and ammunition programs, which can be the final stage in any successful SALW control or surplus reduction program. The destruction of SALW weapons and ammunition is a crucial part of any weapons and ammunition reduction program as the continued presence of these items will inevitably act as a destabilizing influence and affect the public perception. Each of the sections of this module will address a specific area that a project manager needs to understand.
The objectives of this module are:
  • To train Program Managers to support the technical activities of trained and licensed Ammunition Technicians and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Experts for the successful and safe execution of SALW and SALW ammunition destruction programs.
  • To build the capacity of Program Managers to coordinate all activities during the running of destruction programs.
  • To provide Program Managers with background knowledge necessary to understand the problems and difficulties involved in SALW weapons and ammunition destruction.
  • To enhance and emphasize the attention.


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