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This Knowledge Note provides an insight into current realities, behaviour and practices in arms and ammunition storage sites in north-western DR Congo. Tailored recommendations for strengthening ammunition and weapons safety by improving physical security measures and renovating infrastructural facilities are a central focus of this report and the corresponding technical studies. In light of these technical findings, and on the basis of on-site observations as well as interviews with community members and armed forces personnel, this Knowledge Note emphasises the importance of factoring in the socio-economic and humanitarian context of the weapons and ammunition storage sites.
Through a range of case studies, an analysis of relevant legislativeframeworks and how communication is channeled through relevant physical security and stockpile management (PSSM) authorities as well as an examination of the difficulty of translating existing PSSM knowledge into action, the study highlights some of the behavioural practices—and challenges—that underlie the development of an effective PSSM culture. The objective of this Knowledge Note is to help order and prioritize some of these factors, identifying how the national government of the DRC can enhance its efforts to establish a more responsible culture of PSSM-related practices. By highlighting areas of work where targeted interventions would be most useful, the recommendations of this baseline study aim to help guide ongoing regional and national efforts to implement more responsible PSSM-related practices in a limited resource environment.


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