Rethinking Migration Studies for 2050

  • Anna  Triandafyllidou
  • Marta Bivand  Erdal
  • Sabrina  Marchetti
  • Parvati  Raghuram
  • Zeynep  Şahin-Mencütek orcid
  • Justyna  Salamońska
  • Peter  Scholten
  • Daniela  Vintila

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Migration is a complex social process not simply a response to development imbalances, or a solution to problems like unemployment, poverty or population aging. As such migration and mobility are shaped by broader processes of globalization, development, technological transformation, urbanization and in turn contribute to shaping those. This collective paper raises and seeks to answer important research and policy questions about migration and social change in the next 20 years, reflecting on new forms of migration and mobility and their implications for identity, citizenship, and migration governance.

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