Online discussion \ Recalibration of Turkey–Syria Relations: Potential Impacts on Northern Syria Conflict Dynamics

With Dr Salim Cevik, Orwa Ajjoub and Kamal Chomani. On 19 April 2023, 11:00–12:30 hrs (Berlin time).

The Arab upheavals, followed by an intense backlash in Syria and the Assad regime’s armed crackdown in response to democratic demands, caused a complete inversion in Turkish–Syrian relations, despite the same actors remaining in power in both countries.Having fallen into the throes of 'crisis fatigue' as it has been trying to survive within the chaotic environment over the last decade, Ankara is now facing geopolitical challenges. The possibility of recalibration in Turkey–Syria relations again makes the recent headlines, albeit under the shadow of the devastating earthquakes and the upcoming elections. It
looks like the geopolitical necessities tighten the noose for Turkey to feel obliged to fix the strained relations with the Assad regime. The muted efforts at normalisation have alarmed Syrian opposition leaders and supporters, most of whom are based in parts of the war-torn country that are under the (in)direct control of Ankara. Hence, the main question is: What are the possible implications of a potential recalibration of the relations with the Assad government on local dynamics in northern Syria along the border from the West to the East?
• Dr Salim Cevik is a Research Associate at the

Centre for Applied Turkish
Studies, SWP
• Orwa Ajjoub is a Senior Analyst at COAR Global
• Kamal Chomani is a Non-Resident Fellow at Kurdish Peace Institute
The Zoom event will be moderated by Osman Bahadir Dincer, BICC.
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