Peace Report 2023 presented at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin

The war in Ukraine and its global consequences remain a central theme of the Peace Report. According to the assessment of the four leading German peace research institutes, the European NATO countries should prepare for a protracted war of attrition and permanent support for Ukraine.

The Peace Report 2023 “Peace Is a Long Way Off” (in German) shows that besides the war in Ukraine, the number of violent conflicts, mostly involving non-state armed actors, is increasing worldwide. The Russian Wagner Group is not only active in the war between Russia and Ukraine but also in the Sahel, undermining international peace missions. The peace research institutes, therefore, call for the group to be designated as a criminal organisation and sanctioned.

Other key themes of the 2023 Peace Report include the strengthening of arms control measures, the credible implementation of a feminist foreign and security policy in concrete situations, measures to mitigate crises in the Global South, particularly those caused by climate change, and the mitigation of social polarisation.

Press release "Peace Report 2023: Leading German Peace Researchers Call for Further Support for Ukraine and Expansion of Multilateral Arms Control" (pdf, in English)

Press release "Friedensgutachten 2023: Führende deutsche Friedensforscher:innen fordern weitere Unterstützung der Ukraine und Ausweitung multilateraler Rüstungskontrolle" (pdf, in German)

The recommendations of the German peace and conflict research institutes to the German government can be found here

An overview of the editors of the Peace Report can be found here (pdf, in German) 

The Peace Report
The Peace Report is the annual publication by the Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies (BICC), the Leibniz Institute Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (HSFK/PRIF), the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH) and the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF).

In it, the leading German peace and conflict research institutes analyse current international conflicts, highlight trends in international foreign, security and development policy and provide clear policy recommendations. Interdisciplinary teams of authors work together on the chapters and bring in different perspectives.