External economic actors in civil war economies, Sub-Sahara Africa




  • Agents and Patterns of Security and War

Since 2003, a research programme at BICC on so-called war economies has aimed to shed light on the specific impact of external economic actors, a diverse group that includes multinationals, (neighbouring) countries, private persons, local firms, etc. on the conflict situation. One of the guiding questions was what constitutes a war economy, and how its structural features differ from a 'normal' situation. Subject to analysis were countries and regions in Sub-Sahara Africa, where a vast number of conflicts occurred in the 1990s. In one way or another, all of these conflicts were related to natural resources. To list a few: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Angola, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were among the cases studied. 

Project Leader

  • Wolf-Christian Paes

Project Team


  • German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF)

Duration of project

until 2005


bicc Annual report

Annual Report 2006

bicc , Bonn (2006)

bicc Knowledge notes

Böge, V., & Fitzpatrick, C., & Jaspers, W., & Paes, W.

Who’s minding the store? - The business of private, public and civil actors in zones of conflict

BICC , Bonn (2006)