The Status Quo of Arms Export Controls

Established Mechanisms and Their Potential for Optimisation

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Germany is one of the world's leading arms exporters. According to the latest surveys by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Germany ranks fifth on the list of the world's leading arms exporters for the period 2018–2022, with a share of 4.2 per cent, behind the United States, Russia, France and China (Wezeman, Gadon and Wezeman 2023). The German government alone is responsible for licensing arms exports. In 2021, it issued 11,197 individual export licences for military equipment with a record value of €9.35 billion (the average value for the ten years 2012–2021 is €6.35 billion). In addition, there were more than four billion euros worth of collective export licences in 2021. The latter are licences usually issued under arms cooperation agreements with other countries, where the military equipment in question is imported and exported more frequently.

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