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The Annual Report 2014 presents BICC’s implementation of its new research strategy. Problems of organised violence and the search for avenues to overcome these lie at the heart of BICC’s work. Emphasis is placed on the theme of “Arms control and arms transfers”, particularly in the Sahel region.
The Sahel region, where cross-border dynamics of violent conflicts are worsening and threaten to escalate, is currently one of the regional foci of BICC’s research and advisory activities. An essay in the Annual Report analyses how small arms control can contribute to stabilising the region. New projects on small arms control in Mali and Chad as well as in the sub-regional arms control mechanism (sarcom) project with the DR Congo, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, and Central African Republic as participating countries are also presented in the Annual Report. These projects are an impressive display of how BICC’s ‘knowledge circle’—the mergering of academic research and technical and political advice—works. An article in the Annual Report also contributes to the debate on a more restrictive arms exports control policy in Germany.
BICC’s broad understanding of applied and trans-disciplinary research in Conversion Studies is also expressed by contributions to the themes of base conversion, mobilisation and demobilisation, arms production and political economy, civil‑military boundaries, discourses on war, and natural resources. All of these themes are covered by BICC projects, academic publications and events presented in the Annual Report 2014.
Finally, the Annual Report includes a business report and provides an overview of the economic situation of the Center.


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